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Panzani story

The Panzani storyOnce upon a time…

How did this cottage-industry venture become a huge brand in the food industry? Read on…



Giovanni Panzani started his company in a traditional manner. However, in only about twenty years, this small company climbed to the top, positioning itself firmly amongst the most progressive food companies in the market.

The Panzani story



The Panzani story



The Panzani story


Giovanni Panzani

Giovanni Panzani was born in 1911 into a family that owned a shop selling traditional pasta and other fine, typically Italian groceries.  Giovanni grew up in the rudimentary ambiance of this shop and learnt this ancestral art passed on by the great Italian craftsmen.
Some years later, in 1940, Giovanni Panzani decided to take up his father’s former profession. His father-in-law lent him his loft and Giovanni started making fresh pasta in the traditional way. He had planned everything to perfection, as he would often like to say,
“I made them with my own hands and it would take me six hours to make twenty kilos.
Then I used to deliver it by bike. "
In 1950, Jean Panzani launched the brand Pasta Panzani to stand apart from his competitors, and that is how the cellophane packet was born!  It was a mini-revolution in the world of pasta: “I had to be different from the rest of the world (…) a normal pasta used to come in a 250g box. With Pasta Panzani, it was now available in a 500 g cellophane pack”.
In 1952, Panzani expanded its business by offering tinned tomato sauce! A simple and tasty idea to accompany its pasta!
Giovanni Panzani’s passion and the tinkling of his bike’s bell went across the borders and his pasta’s taste reached a great many countries.






Panzani: a name that people adore

To be in sync with ever evolving lifestyles and eating habits, Panzani diversified its offer to satisfy the new expectations of its consumers.
It achieved a perfect blend of tradition and modernity to enter thousands of kitchens across the globe. Today, thanks to its quality and continuous innovations, Panzani has become a leading brand in numerous countries. It is the symbol of delicious and non-sticky pasta! 
At present, Panzani products are available in more than 50 countries and will certainly reach some more… nobody can resist Panzani!




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