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Panzani quality

Panzani qualityWhat is the Qualità Oro?

The Golden Quality comes from the selection of the best ingredients.
Wheat being the main ingredient of any pasta, it goes without saying that wheat determines its quality.

Durum wheat, nothing but durum wheat and water! No eggs, no soft wheat, no additives!
Research has proved that it is wheat that gives the pasta its excellent taste, its colour and its optimum cooking properties.

The durum wheat grains are thus selected meticulously and the mixture resulting from these best wheat grains is then ground to obtain semolina.  Panzani then transforms it into perfect pasta using the production processes based on its extensive experience gained over the years.  

For its sauces, Panzani has established its main production site in the heart of the Spanish tomato fields and closely monitors every key step of tomato cultivation. This is how Panzani guarantees you a product of perfectly monitored quality and origin.


Panzani quality



Panzani quality



Panzani quality



Panzani quality



Panzani quality


Panzani’s Quality Approach

To offer you products of exemplary quality day after day, Panzani has acquired unique skills and resources to match with its high ambitions: A Research & Quality Development department comprised of two units ensuring excellence: CRECERPAL and CEREC.
CRECERPAL - the European grain, rice and pasta research centre, carries out physical, chemical and sensory tests on the ingredients and products to guarantee the standards of Panzani quality. They monitor the entire production process.  
For its sauces and Express pasta, the CEREC - Centre for Culinary Expertise and Research works on the taste, texture, smell and colour of the products to bring the best and especially the tastiest recipes to your table!



From the fields to your table… the secret of PANZANI pasta!

Selecting the right wheat is the very first and one of the most important steps.  In fact, there is a multitude of more or less high quality wheat, but all of these wheat grains do not qualify to make Panzani pasta. The durum wheat grains have to meet the quality standards set by Panzani to be part of the pasta production. A rigorous selection process is carried out at the time of the harvest to achieve the best blend of finest wheat. The wheat is inspected regularly all through the year to ensure that it matches Panzani’s quality standards.
All small stones are removed first and then the durum wheat grains are selected, cleaned, disinfected and then ground into finer particles. These particles are then sieved to make semolina. Then comes the dough mixing stage: Water is added to the semolina and the mixture is kneaded well to make it uniform and compact to get the perfect dough.
Be it Farfalle, Chifferini or Tagliatelle, these special pasta shapes are obtained by extruding. The dough passes through specific moulds which give the pasta its desired shape!
Drying is the last step of the pasta making process. It is a delicate operation requiring adjusting of the drying duration and temperature according to the shape being made.  This is the key step that determines the appearance of your favourite pasta and its consistency on cooking.
Finally, the pasta is stored and then packed in special bags. All you have to do is enjoy it everyday!



From the kitchen garden to your table… the secret of PANZANI sauces!

The story of a Panzani Tomato Sauce begins in a field with the key step: the tomato harvest. In fact, Panzani works in close collaboration with its partner farmers and organises the planting in such a way that each farm is harvested only when the tomatoes are ripe (between July and September, depending on the season).
Our tomatoes then undergo a series of sorting. Only those that meet the Panzani quality requirements will be accepted, discarding green or over-ripe tomatoes.
When they enter our kitchens, the tomatoes are first washed and then sorted once again. After deseeding and blanching, they are ready to be transformed into purée, pulp or concentrate, which will then be used year-round to offer the same quality of tomato sauce.
Ingredients like onions, carrots, vegetables, aromatic herbs and sometimes meat are added simultaneously to the tomato concentrate to increase the temperature and adjust the cooking with every recipe.
Finally, the sauces are packed and refrigerated to send them immediately to the shelves of your favourite shops! There you will find a huge variety of recipes that will give a special touch to your meals. You will no longer need an entire afternoon to prepare a dish. Just leave it to Panzani and rest assured that your family and your guests will be delighted!


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