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Panzani Benefits

Panzani benefits

Food, the core of our well being

Finding delight in a delicious and convivial meal is essential. It’s even better if you can unite taste, fitness and well being!
It has been proved that the food we eat plays a key role in building our health. It is greed that it is not the only guarantor of a fit body, but it nonetheless remains a decisive factor of our daily well being.
A good meal has to be first and foremost a square meal! A simple, healthy and varied diet will give your body all the energy it needs during the day and fulfil its nutritional requirements (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates).





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Panzani quality













Panzani quality

Panzani pasta, a healthy and tasty meal

Today, preparing pasta seems to be a simple yet delicious way to achieve a balanced diet. Prepared with utmost care, the Panzani products will help you to blend pleasure with well being in your routine. So, forget the popular beliefs and rush to discover what a difference the Panzani products can make to your health!


· I can eat pasta for every meal: TRUE!

Nutritionists today recommend including starchy food (complex carbohydrates) in each meal according to your appetite. Made with 100% durum wheat semolina, the Panzani pasta is essentially composed of carbohydrates. It thus is a real source of energy that your body needs all day long!

· Pasta makes you fat: FALSE!

Contrary to the wide-spread belief, pasta, when it is entirely durum wheat based, does not make you fat.  On the contrary, it is a suitable solution to problems related to obesity. As a matter of fact, it is primarly composed of carbohydrates and hardly has any fat


· Pasta is a treasure trove of nutritional benefits: TRUE!

Coming from the wheat fields, Panzani pasta contains minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus which contribute to a normal energy metabolism. 


Panzani Sauces, a delicious touch of nature!

The ready-to-eat Panzani sauces offer you a large variety of recipes to guarantee you a healthy and diverse diet. Mixed with pasta, they contribute wholeheartedly in providing you with a balanced diet.

· Pasta sauces are very high in calories: FALSE!

Contrary to popular belief, Panzani’s tomato sauces have a negligible fat content (less than 3% in 100g). They are thus a perfect accompaniment to any pasta and help you to bring variety and balance in your meals.  Besides, they provide you with the essential nutrients that your body needs!


· Panzani tomato sauces are full of additives: FALSE!

All tomato sauces offered by Panzani are without added colours or preservatives!  With their recipes including different vegetables, they help you increase your fruit and vegetable intake and give you the essential nutrients your body needs! Thanks to them, it feels good to be good to yourself!
*in compliance with regulations.

· Tomatoes provide protection to our bodies: TRUE

Tomatoes are not just delicious, but they also contain nutrients essential to our body functioning. It also provides lycopene, a molecule that has been highly studied for its antioxidant properties.




- In the context of a varied and balanced diet, and a healthy life style -


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