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Today, pasta is an integral part of our eating habits. With many different shapes and featuring an excellent wheat flavour, it goes perfectly with a variety of gourmet meals! Panzani offers a wide range of pasta – from the “must-have” to the “most unique” – to suit every occasion. Hurry!


This is the undisputed star of small pasta!

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Conchiglie Rigate

This pasta shape recalls seashells found on the beach.

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Brighten up your dishes with these pretty butterflies!

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Three blades of pasta, which curl up around each other, give it a slender and harmonious form!

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Penne Rigate

The grooves of these small penne cut at an angle are specially designed to bind with any sauce.

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Pipe Rigate

Rediscover the pure pleasures of your childhood with this grooved pasta…

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